Welcome to Fibertel Broadband Services

Fibertel Broadband provide next generation Wired (Fiber Optic) and wireless broadband services that enable fast, simple and reliable communications, anytime and anywhere within our coverage area. Our unique, advanced Fiber Optic & wireless network not only creates a new communications path into the home or office, but also facilitates access to information, interactive media content, applications and communications services away from the home or office.
Our Fibertel Broadband network combines some of the best features of cellular, cable modem, digital subscriber line (DSL), and wireless fidelity (WiFi) networks, without some of the inherent limitations associated with these legacy systems. While cellular, cable and telephony networks were originally built to facilitate voice or video services, ours is the first widely deployed network that was designed and built, from inception, to deliver a full range of broadband content and applications.


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